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Online 80-Hour Yin

Yoga Teacher Training



Meet The Teachers
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The lead teacher of this YTT is Kirsten. 

Kirsten is a seasoned Yoga Teacher who is passionate about making Yin Yoga available to the Yoga community as a much needed tool to comfortably turn inwards. In her Yin Yoga practice, she brings health & mobility to the body, and she deeply nurtures the soul with Stillness. 


Kirsten is certified to teach breath-based Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and meditation. In the past 15 years, she has been sharing Yoga for thousands of hours in drop-in classes, workshops, TTCs & retreats in South-East Asia, Mexico & Europe. 


She co-founded the Akasha Yoga Academy and has more than a decade of experience in leading Yoga Teacher Trainings, both in person & online. Her sharings are natural, applipical & heartful.


Kirsten lives in Bali together with her husband & daughter, and loves to chant & play Bhajans in any free moment.

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Burkhard is a high-vibration Yoga & meditation teacher with a deep affection for practical Yoga philosophy, applied history & anatomy. He is a truly passionate Yoga scholar, and he loves to verify his findings in his own practice. 

His spirit shines where the power of the mind meets the generosity of the heart. He is inspired when the ancient practice of Yoga is reconfirmed by modern science. 


Burkhard has been inspiring thousands of people with his teachings & dedicated Yogic life-style. 

For more than 15 years, he has been facilitating Retreats & Teacher Trainings in South-East Asia, Europe & Mexico, as well as online. 


He is the co-founder & owner of the Akasha Yoga Academy. 

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Devdas is an extraordinary Yoga Teacher with a deep love for meditation, chanting & selfless service seva. He appreciates everything that brings joy to the Heart and naturalness of Being. 


He has been teaching Hatha Yoga asana & pranayama, meditation & Bhajans for more than 20 years. Devdas has been facilitating drop-in classes, workshops & Yoga Teacher Trainings in India, South-East Asia, Europe & America. 


His life is devoted to Self-discovery and his teachings originate from experience. He lived for 12 years in India, where he was privileged to be in the Presence of Sages who profoundly impacted his own seeing. 

He is always ready to share a good cup of tea and an insightful conversation. His teachings are simple, soulful & fun.

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Astrid has a fascinating & deeply personal background in holistic medicine, massage & Yoga instruction. Like many Yoga journeys, Astrid’s began as a method for self-healing a chronic illness. 

Through more than 20 years of dedicated study, devotional immersion, and a steady Yoga teaching practice, Astrid explored a great variety of transformative tools. She developed the necessary compassion, presence & mindfulness to heal herself & others. 

Her curiosity in a holistic approach to health led her to study Yoga Therapy. Her integral approach encompasses Functional Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Yin Yoga was the common thread that wove her knowledge & passion together and became the game-changer for her own healing. Astrid provides expert, personalized guidance as a certified Yoga Therapist, Teacher Trainer, and Holistic Coach & Mentor.

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