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Access to Wisdom:
Akasha’s One-on-One Sessions

Join Private Sessions with Lead Teachers Discover Your Perfect Path

Welcome to Your Personal Akasha Space

Finally, you get access to private One-on-One Sessions & Spiritual Mentorship: 

This is your chance to receive valuable, personalized guidance. Enter a safe haven where your concerns meet experienced & caring guidance.

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Why Choose Akasha's Private Sessions?

Embark on a profound journey with your trusted lead teachers: Connect intimately & uncover tailored insights for your practical & spiritual growth.

Experience deep & meaningful transformation with our exclusive One-on-One Programs: Delve into the depths of your practice and life's mysteries, guided by the wisdom of seasoned masters.

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"The Teacher Training is amazing... with how much love & authenticity you get prepared to be a Yoga Teacher, just AWESOME and not describable in words."

Pierre Mayer –

Genuine Transformation Awaits

This exploration isn’t just about answers. It’s about evolving perspectives, nurturing understanding, and sparking a renewed sense of direction in your life. 

Experience our authentic, unbiased & heart-centered guidance: Together, we will expand your horizons and elevate your yogic path.

Dive Deep into Self-Discovery

Begin a transformative journey to uncover the depth of your heart, cultivate intuition & refresh your purpose. Embrace transformative insights that enrich your life & Yoga practice.

What’s Offered?

Select from our tailored offerings to connect directly with a lead teacher of your choice: 
Opt for the Individual Session for intense 45-minute insights. Choose the Bundle Offer for a trio of sessions aimed at steady growth. Or immerse yourself in the Spiritual Mentorship & Coaching for in-depth, long-term guidance with regular check-ins. 
Every session is carefully curated to nurture your spirit, leading to illuminating breakthroughs in your spiritual journey.

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Our Exclusive, Intimate Packages

Tier 1: Individual One-on-One Session – US$150

  • 45-Minute Intensive: A tailored session for your personal & spiritual growth.

  • One-on-One Guidance: Receive customized insights & applied wisdom directly from your favorite Akasha Lead Teacher.

  • In-Depth Exploration: Engage in profound spiritual & practical discussions, with hands-on Yoga guidance or deep philosophical exploration.

Tier 2: Bundle Offer - US$390

  • Total Sessions: Three 45-minute sessions over six months.

  • Flexibility & Growth: Schedule at your convenience within the half-year, ensuring consistent, progressive spiritual growth.

  • Value: Save significantly compared to individual sessions, underscoring our commitment to your journey.

Tier 3: Spiritual Mentorship & Coaching - US$2900

  • Premium Tier: Embark on an exclusive path of authentic transformation.

  • Monthly Calls: Six enriching, 60-minute calls across six months.

  • Weekly Check-ins: Continuous, personalized connection and guidance through weekly WhatsApp messages that foster the day-to-day integration of the insights. 

  • Depth & Caring Touch: Receive nurturing guidance & friendship from your favorite lead teacher. Benefit from a unique shortcut, summarizing decades of experience to supercharge your growth. 

  • Personalized Fast-Track: Accelerate your spiritual journey with customized insights & wisdom for your specific challenges. Each session is a pivotal step towards purpose & fulfillment.

  • Exclusivity & Intimacy: Limited to two students per mentor, promising unparalleled attention, deep connection & genuine care. 

Akasha's One-on-One Private Sessions invites spiritual seekers from diverse backgrounds. If you're a yoga enthusiast, a holistic health practitioner, or anyone longing for deeper understanding, these sessions are your gateway to a transformative experience.

Who Can Embark on This Journey?
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Engage with Burkhard in a conversation that delves into philosophical and psychological realms or seeks practical advice on longevity and nutrition. His distinctive fusion of Eastern philosophy and the latest science-based Western research fosters insightful discussions on life's challenges, paving the path for personal growth, improved health, longevity, and actionable wisdom.


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Kirsten's calls offer a practical touch on Yoga practice, teaching methodologies, and daily life, enriched with her vast experience in Hatha and Yin Yoga, meditation, and Self-Inquiry. While she provides grounded advice on practical queries, she warmly welcomes spiritual quests, making each interaction a balanced blend of the practical and profound, tailored to your unique journey.


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A profound voyage into life's big questions awaits on a call with Devdas. His clear and gentle guidance is a gateway to exploring spiritual inquiries and yogic teachings. With a rich history of sharing Yoga, meditation and Self-Inquiry, his discussions offer strong wisdom pointers, providing a transformative and open conversation regardless of the topic you wish to delve into.

Journey to Your Truest Self

Do you seek elevation, understanding, and profound transformations? We, at Akasha, honor this quest and open our doors wide to seekers who are ready to step into their true potential. With personalized sessions, dedicated mentors, and transformative packages, our commitment is to guide you towards a deeper understanding of your unique spiritual path.


What lies ahead is more than just guidance—it's an invitation to transformation. From deep spiritual revelations to practical insights, the knowledge you gain here will ripple through all facets of your life.



What You Gain with Akasha One-on-One calls:


Personalized sessions with experienced mentors.


Tailored advice that respects and enhances your unique journey.


Transformative packages that offer sustained growth.


The tools, resources, and insights to elevate every step of your spiritual journey.

Don't let the moment pass. A brighter, clearer, and more aligned spiritual path is just one decision away. Choose the Akasha One-on-One Sessions, and let's begin this personalized journey together.


 Take the Leap Today!

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