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Engage, Connect, Discover.

Dive deeper into the transformative journey Akasha Yoga Academy Online offers. If you have questions or are curious about our 200-Hour Online Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training, here's your chance to connect with us directly.

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Discover Call with a Teacher


Connect at the heart of Akasha Yoga.


Engage in a heartfelt conversation with once of our lead teacher and find answers to your deepest questions.


Why Book This Call?


✅ Customized schedule planning

✅ Realistic evaluation of your availability

✅ Flexibility to adapt and change

✅ Discuss the training intricacies and certification details

✅ Explore the curriculum depth

✅ Discover how to weave yoga into everyday life

✅ Dive into the practicum assignments and interactive live calls

Akasha Yoga Academy Uluwatu-Dean Raphael
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“For me the course was not only inspiring, but transformative! I first got into yoga for the asana practice, but I soon realized that there was more to it. I have found so much meaning in the teachings of yoga and I am ready to apply them to my life. Moving forward, I know that I can trust in myself and in the universe. For the first time in my life, I feel connected.”

 Arianne from Canada 


Hear from our 1100+ graduates


“This course has inspired me more than I could have ever imagined! The training has not only given me the tools to make the transformation from yoga student to yoga teacher, but also the tools to connect with my heart, relax and be present, and it has shown me the joy and passion I have for teaching.”


Clarissa from the US 

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“I came to deepen my own practice, with no intention to teach, but I am leaving with a passion to share this energy and the lessons I have learned here. The support from the teachers and students made me abandon my fears that I held on to and gain the confidence in all areas of my life that I was lacking. I really feel like a new person ready to shine and to share what I have learned!”


Coral from the US 

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