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Online 80-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Hear from our Successful Graduates

The Akasha Yoga Academy’s 80-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training course is designed to give experiential knowledge and understanding of the principles & practices of Yin yoga and offer ways to create a greater sense of balance and harmony within your own self-practice and the practice you offer to your students.

The instructors at Akasha have an incredible amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom that shine through every lesson. You can tell they love Yin yoga and love sharing it with others! Learning from a variety of experts who are truly passionate about sharing the benefits of Yin yoga is a big part of what makes this course so engaging. I found the content to be delivered in a way that feels not so much that you are learning something new, but rather that you are discovering some deep, inner sanctuary of wisdom that has been there all along. 

After taking this course it is my belief that every yoga teacher could profoundly benefit from diving more deeply into Yin and I can think of no better way to do that than through Akasha’s 80-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


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I had such a great time during the Yin Yoga TTC. It was a great way for me to unwind and get even more connected with myself to learn and practice Yin Yoga with the teachers at Akasha, who are both extremely knowledgeable and compassionate.


Even though I couldn't physically be there, I thoroughly enjoyed participating online. Because their training videos are so professionally produced and of such high quality, I almost felt as if I were there with them doing yoga on the deck with them.


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"Although I loved Yin Yoga before this Teacher Training, I got a deeper connection to my body & mind. 

Kirsten is a wonderful, natural Yin Teacher. The profound practice of Yin Yoga was beautifully supported by Devdas' meditations, and Burkhard's vast knowledge of anatomy. 
Thank you for the great training."

Angelika Nusser


The Yin Yoga TTC at Akasha is excellent. It's both calming and incredibly heartfelt. It's also a fantastic way to immerse oneself in another world, where I found that I could connect with myself better through the process of self-inquiry exploration. Each day of the course felt like a revelation about my capabilities and the limits of my body. Although I completed the training online, I still felt like I had a magical experience. The team at Akasha ensured that all the training videos were of the highest possible quality. There were points during the Yoga classes where I was so into it that I could practically smell the incense. The guidance the teachers give at Akasha is out of this world, and I always feel supported. I could incorporate everything I learned into my teaching and daily life. I’m so happy that this allowed me to make immediate and profound changes as a result.


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“I think for me this program is the essence of what yoga should be. Akasha is Home for me.” Anu 

“Akasha is the best family. There's unconditional love, support, nurture and challenge the training has been so inspiring and I would recommend it to anyone.” Christine 


“Akasha instructors are incredible people, mentors, inspiring, nurturing and so authentic.” Lauren

“I like to know every detail of what’s going on and this is exactly what Akasha Yoga does. .” Martina 


“Akasha is really a big family, you can feel the connection because teachers create such an amazing environment.” Tamu and Lauren


“Akasha doesn't just train people to become yoga instructors they train you to be a Yoga Master. Sugeng and Xintian 

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