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We have TWO available scholarships for our Yoga Alliance Certified Online Teacher Training in May!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be giving away not just one, but two scholarships for our Online Classical Hatha 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training in May!

In the current situations we find ourselves in, all around the globe, as a family we feel called to provide support however we can. We want to support our communities in the best way we know how – by providing them with quality Yoga Teachers who authentically share love, peace and light, directly from the Heart.

We are going to provide two lucky individuals with the opportunity to change their lives, and cultivate their dreams into a reality!

By turning your passion into a meaningful career, you are able to share the freedom Yoga provides in the centre of your community, at a time when we all really need it.

The tools Yoga is able to provide us with, have never been more powerful or valuable. The strength and health of mind, body and spirit is the foundation of our peace and happiness in the current changing vibrations of the world. Let us anchor ourselves in the stability of our practice, which connects us to the Stillness of the Heart.

Do you feel the calling to develop your self practice and share this beauty, and the priceless gift of Yoga with others?

Do you feel the calling to learn more about the ancient sacred science and art of Yoga?

Do you feel the calling to complete an Online Classical Hatha 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training in May?

If so, we are inviting you to apply!

The course date is

10 May – 30 May, 2020.

The applications are now open, and will be closed on May 3, 2020.

The application terms and conditions are really simple :)

The scholarship applicant must be following Akasha Yoga Academy on FaceBook or Instagram:

The applicant must repost the scholarship post on Instagram or Facebook

The scholarship applicant must send in a 2 minute (maximum) video explaining why they would like to take the training to:

This does not need to be a professionally shot video, we want to see your true authentic self :)

The scholarship is only applicable for our May online course (May 10 – May 30, 2020)

The scholarship applicant must be over 18 years of age

We are truly looking forward to hearing from you!

The scholarship beneficiaries will be announced on May 6, 2020.

Sending you blessings & light,sie können mehr herausfinden

All of our Love – The Entire Akasha Family ॐ

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