The journey of a Yogi by Jacc Wright

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Struggling to find my place in society, I left Europe in search of a deeper meaning to life. This journey led me to explore various parts of Asia, and it was on that first visit to India that I fell in love with the wonder of Yoga. The ability to contort the body into seemingly impossible shapes, the path of living our dharma, the devotional aspects of Bhakti Yoga – it all spoke to me in a way that I had been here before, feeling strangely familiar.

Once initiated into Kriya Yoga, I was truly touched by what this amazing tradition had to offer. Along this journey, I experienced profound experiences beyond what I could even imagine creating with my Being alone. However, it seemed the practice was in fact having the opposite effect – dissociating me from this reality and the people around me. Blissful moments became a fix to come back to when Life became difficult . Noticing this pattern, I went searching for a more practical approach to what Yoga can provide me – how can it truly help with my Life?

My search led me to Bali, and I explored many Yoga teacher training courses before arriving at the offerings of Akasha Yoga Academy. All of my indecision seemed to disappear in that moment, and I instantly knew this was my path.

Thank goodness my Heart led me here, as the course entailed exactly what I was looking for and so much more. Traditional teachings, taught in a way that is down-to-earth and relatable.

The whole of the teaching crew at Akasha move from a place of sincerity, and I am so grateful for the valuable knowledge they share with all.

Here I found connection, love, and authenticity. I found a family.

During this time I was blessed to meet, who I would now call my main teacher, Mark Whitwell. In those moments with Mark I had an undeniable experience of resonance, which I have only felt a few times in this Life. He represented the full embodiment of the teachings which were shared throughout our training.

Having continued my studies with Mark Whitwell, I am constantly exploring deeper intimacy with the body, breath and mind. This intimacy reflects out into the world, affecting all relationships – with others and with Life itself, in all it’s beauty!

By turning back to my Self, I found all that I was looking for right here. It is with new eyes and an open heart that I have finally returned back to my hometown of London, to share these simple yet powerful teachings with my community.

My primary focus is on 1:1 sessions – drawing from my knowledge of Ayurveda, which states there is a unique practice for every individual. However, I teach some regular classes and often hold workshops throughout the city.