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The journey of a Yogi by Jacc Wright

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Struggling to find my place in society, I left Europe in search of a deeper meaning to life. This journey led me to explore various parts of Asia, and it was on that first visit to India that I fell in love with the wonder of Yoga. The ability to contort the body into seemingly impossible shapes, the path of living our dharma, the devotional aspects of Bhakti Yoga – it all spoke to me in a way that I had been here before, feeling strangely familiar.

Once initiated into Kriya Yoga, I was truly touched by what this amazing tradition had to offer. Along this journey, I experienced profound experiences beyond what I could even imagine creating with my Being alone. However, it seemed the practice was in fact having the opposite effect – dissociating me from this reality and the people around me. Blissful moments became a fix to come back to when Life became difficult . Noticing this pattern, I went searching for a more practical approach to what Yoga can provide me – how can it truly help with my Life?

My search led me to Bali, and I explored many Yoga teacher training courses before arriving at the offerings of Akasha Yoga Academy. All of my indecision seemed to disappear in that moment, and I instantly knew this was my path.

Thank goodness my Heart led me here, as the course entailed exactly what I was looking for and so much more. Traditional teachings, taught in a way that is down-to-earth and relatable.

The whole of the teaching crew at Akasha move from a place of sincerity, and I am so grateful for the valuable knowledge they share with all.

Here I found connection, love, and authenticity. I found a family.

During this time I was blessed to meet, who I would now call my main teacher, Mark Whitwell. In those moments with Mark I had an undeniable experience of resonance, which I have only felt a few times in this Life. He represented the full embodiment of the teachings which were shared throughout our training.

Having continued my studies with Mark Whitwell, I am constantly exploring deeper intimacy with the body, breath and mind. This intimacy reflects out into the world, affecting all relationships – with others and with Life itself, in all it’s beauty!

By turning back to my Self, I found all that I was looking for right here. It is with new eyes and an open heart that I have finally returned back to my hometown of London, to share these simple yet powerful teachings with my community.

My primary focus is on 1:1 sessions – drawing from my knowledge of Ayurveda, which states there is a unique practice for every individual. However, I teach some regular classes and often hold workshops throughout the city. I am also very pleased to be co-hosting a retreat near Biarritz, in France, at the end of October. The retreat is entitled “Still Lake Of The Mind”, and we will be utilising the practice to enter deep states of contemplation and Self-enquiry. More information on all of this can be found at my website:

Full gratitude to Akasha Yoga Academy who brought me down to earth, provided the tools for living a useful spiritual life, and held a space in which I could grow amongst many other beautiful Beings. 200 hours of pure magic.

We are pleased to be welcoming Mark Whitwell here at Triyoga Camden on 6-7 December to share his potent wisdom, which truly is the Heart of Yoga. If this is something that would interest you please visit the link below. Thank you.

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