Holding Space

Each practice that exceeds the mere stretching of muscles, the mobilizing of joints or the strengthening of the physical body requires a certain quality of “space” to flourish. Yoga does exactly this: It goes very quickly beyond the physical realm and can easily open doors for any practitioner to explore one’s emotions, mind and energy levels. This is a very precious gift and a great chance for everybody involved – students and teacher alike.

The first duty of a Yoga teacher is therefore to create a safe place, where every student feels valued, respected and completely safe. Without this sense of safety, it is impossible for the student to really let go and allow the practice to unfold fully.

It is this kind of situation when we come to talk about “creating space” or “holding space”. Space in this context means a sacred circle, a kind of virtual container, a psychological or spiritual space, or simply a safe place for the personal exploration of one’s body, emotions and mind with no verbal, emotional, physical and sexual coercion or abuse whatsoever.


– Setting an intention and staying connected with it throughout the whole class.

– Letting go of personal expectations, desires and judgement.

– Opening the heart, connecting to qualities like empathy and compassion.

– Being totally present, giving the complete and undivided attention to the process.



A short moment of internalization and reflection about an intention for the class just before heading out to teach can be very powerful. At the same time we can consecrate the outcome of the instructions, the impact of the teachings or just the simple unfolding of the process to a higher purpose, such as wishing sincerely it being beneficial for everybody involved. By refraining from doing, achieving or performing, presence may become the driving force of the process, instead of our ego.

If we manage to detach from the possible result, if we can let go of our own personal expectations and desires, we become free and open for what is actually happening and what is needed. After a consecration we naturally become more present and connected to our heart!

“Do not be concerned with the fruit of your action –

just give attention to the action itself.

The fruit will come of its own accord.

This is a powerful spiritual practice.”

Eckard Tolle, Practicing the Power of Now.

Preparation and setup

Prepare yourself before you go. It can be very helpful to get yourself into the groove by doing your own Yoga or meditation practice just before you teach – at least a short version of it. When you feel insecure or shaken, not able to focus, angry or restless, use any appropriate technique which can