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Freedom through movement with Bex Tyrer

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We had the privilege to study with Bex Tyrer during our 300hr advanced teacher training. Bex is an inspiring Yoga activist, and teacher, who shares her passion for Yoga and movement as tools to find freedom.

With a background in Development studies, journalism, and social work, Bex has been studying and teaching Yoga since 2001. Her teachings are inspired by teachers such as Denise Payne, Mark Whitwell, Emil Wendel, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Alexandra Pope, and Angela Farmer.

She transmits ways to find one’s free expression through movement, and carry the wisdom found on the mat to daily life. She teaches from the heart, and is an active seeker of truth, and justice in the world, bringing Yoga to areas such as Palestine, Kolkata, and prisons in Bali.

Her Vinyasa sequences are fascinating creative flows, where she gives variations from the simplest to the most intricate, creating a safe space where everyone is included, cared for, and listened to, from the shy beginner, to the wounded warrior, to the advanced acrobat, while honouring the women on their cycles and giving them alternatives as well.

Her Yin Yoga is an invitation to meet the mind with equanimity, to be present with whatever comes, and find the light even in the darkest parts of the journey.

She sometimes invites her partner to play music along her classes Sebatierra, aka Sebastian Cuevas, is a talented artist & gifted musician. He has been playing the African qora and other instruments for years, and infuses her classes with heavenly rhythms.

Bex breaks through collective patterns and uses creativity, poetry, and ingenuity to transmit her knowledge, giving tools to practice, and share Yoga from the heart. We gained invaluable insights, not only into how to practice, and teach, but also into how to live a life centred in love, acceptance, and truth, while honouring nature and women’s cycles.

A journey through self-care, a conversation with Yoga activist Bex Tyrer, by Heather Evans.

If you’re in Bali, or the UK, we highly recommend studying with her. Her upcoming events can be found on her website.

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