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Yoga Teacher Training


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Design Your Schedule

The Online Yoga Teacher Training Course is fully flexible. You can take the course in your own rhythm, and change between slow and fast pace.


We know that all students have different time constraints and different levels of availability. Some students are ready to do the course full time, taking it in an intensive format of one month, whereas others have a variety of commitments such as family work, etc. So they frequently stretch out the course over three months, six months or even eight months. 

To help you complete the entire 200 hours in a smooth and efficient way, we provide a personalized scheduling service. Together we evaluate in a realistic way, your availability, and then create an individual schedule for you, which is tailored to your specific needs. 

In a scheduling call we look for example at:

  • When do you want to graduate?
  • How many hours do you actually have realistically available in a week?

  • Your family, social and work commitments

  • Weekend intensives or spread out over the week.


If you are working a regular job Monday through Friday and have little time during the weekdays, your availability is rather a weekend intensive format or if your availability is rather everyday a little bit that you can do some practice and lecturers every morning and do another lecture in the evening. In this way, we create an individualized schedule that is really tailored to your needs. 


These schedule variations are provided for you to give you some orientation and some guidance, you of course don't need to commit to them. 

As we know there can be surprises coming up in life, you can slow down or take a break at any point. 

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