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Akasha Yoga Academy Online 2020-Dean Rap

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* Your tuition helps feed a Balinese family in need via the 'Plastic Exchange' Project.

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​Rich & interactive curriculum that meets & exceeds all official Yoga Alliance requirements, certifying you as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYS 200)

Professional teachings based on decades of committed research, study & practice

200+ state-of-the-art video lessons filmed in our exclusive "BALIWOOD" Studios. Downloadable & compatible with any device

Guided practice and theory, basic asanas and sequencing, breathwork, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, and self-practice

Connect with a worldwide community of beginning and experienced Yoga practitioners and teachers

Lifetime access to all videos and training materials

Mentoring for professional development, marketing, and networking

Akasha Yoga comprehensive training 700+ page manuals

Bhajans chanting with your teachers

Experience a deeper level of Yoga in both philosophy & practice.



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You are taking a big step forward. An authentic Yoga Teacher Training Course takes time, commitment, self-compassion, and expert teachers who have been there.


Start your journey now: As soon as you enroll, you get immediate access to our entire online platform. Our flexible schedule allows you to begin and graduate in your own rhythm. 


We offer full interactive support, including personal 1-on-1 guidance, supervised practicum assignments, live calls, private Facebook & WhatsApp groups etc. 


We are available twice per day for the popular1-hour Zoom calls. You can join us anytime to complete a total of 24 live sessions. 


In order to get certified by the Yoga Alliance, participants have to complete their training within 1 year from the time of purchase. The personal guidance ends after 1 year, but experience shows that we can find ways for you to graduate before.


We do provide unlimited life-time access to all learning materials. You can even download all videos to your own device – an option which most other schools do not offer. 


Additionally, you have free access to 4 printable Teaching manuals with more than 700 pages of information & inspiration.


The premium content of our educational program is truly inspiring, so we doubt that you would ever choose to drop out. Once you signed up for the online course your tuition fee & payment plan are however non-refundable. Thank you very much for your kind understanding of this common practice in the world of online courses.

We give ourselves with an open Heart, and we trust that you can find ways to receive the priceless gifts we share. Best wishes for this life-changing journey. 

Train With Masters

Akasha Yoga is the real deal. Senior, devoted teachers with decades of experience guide you every step of the way. Dive deep into fundamental Yoga scriptures. Learn breath-based asana, pranayama, meditation, and anatomy. Grow a spiritual foundation for authentic practice. Develop and practice key teaching techniques for safe, expert guidance and alignment.

Akasha Yoga Academy 2020bts-Dean Raphael
Akasha Yoga Academy Online2 2020-Dean Ra

Learn At Your Own Pace

Study at a rhythm that’s right for YOU. Unlike other Yoga schools, our 200 hour certified online Yoga Teacher Training course is designed to give you total freedom to study and practice at a pace that suits your life, while receiving live support and feedback. Immerse yourself in intensive 1-month training or spread it out over 3 or 6 months. You’ll develop a flow that puts you in charge of your Yoga journey. 

Join Our Community

Learning doesn’t happen in isolation. When we connect with like-minded people we grow our understanding and deepen our compassion. Daily Zoom calls allow you to practice in a fun and interactive group setting, ask questions, listen to others’ insights, and foster life-long connections. You’ll have lifetime access to instructional resources and an international community of Yoga practitioners.

Akasha Yoga Academy Bali 300 Hour 2019 -

Transform Your Life

This immersive yoga training course teaches you how to surrender to the moment and live with greater awareness and intention. Heart-opening techniques, meditation, and breath-based asana guide you through a deep and transformative inner journey that will enhance your relationships and change the way you see the world.


Experience the breath-taking quality & benefits of our premium 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training


Start your journey into the Heart of Yoga!




* Offer extended until December 15




Our curriculum is fully accredited & certified by the International Yoga Alliance, and you get empowered as a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-200. Our lead teachers are Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers at the highest level (E-RYT-500), and since 2012 the Akasha Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School. Our consistent 5-star reviews speak for themselves. 



  • Essential Info to Get Started
  • Get to Know Your Teachers
  • Welcome, Intro & Bali Temple
  • Tips for Slow-Flow Participants
  • Etiquette & Useful Tricks
  • How to Video Record Yourself


  • ​​​​​​ Teaching Manual – Foundation
  • Teaching Manual – Application
  • Anatomy Manual
  • Scripture Study Manual

Short Classes for Daily Practice

  • 1 – Short Practice with Kirsten
  • 2 – Short Practice with Kirsten
  • 3 – Short Practice with Kirsten
  • 4 – Short Practice with Kirsten
  • 5 – Short Practice with Devdas
  • 6 – Short Practice with Devdas
  • 7 – Short Practice with Burkhard
  • 8 – 30 Sun Salutations with Kirsten
  • 9 – 30 Sun Salutations with Kirsten


  • Schedule – Part 1
  • Chapter 1.1
1.1.1 Asana Practice 1.1.2 Meditation Practice 1.1.3 Welcome – Practicalities Part 1 1.1.4 Talk on Scope of Hatha Yoga 1.1.5 Pranayama Practice 1.1.6 Talk on Principles of Practice 1.1.7 Talk on Ashtanga 1.1.8 Asana Practice Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 1.2
1.2.1 Sadhana Asana 1.2.2 Sadhana Meditation 1.2.3 Breath – The Key to Asana 1.2.4 Duality 1.2.5 Sadhana Pranayama 1.2.6 Meditation Intro 1.2.7 Yama & Niyama 1.2.8 Sadhana Asana Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 1.3
1.3.1 Sadhana Asana 1.3.2 Sadhana Meditation 1.3.3 Subtle Foundation 1.3.4 Non-Duality 1.3.5 Sadhana Pranayama 1.3.6 Mechanics of Posture 1.3.7 Yama & Niyama 1.3.8 Sadhana Asana Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 1.4
1.4.1 Sadhana Asana 1.4.2 Sadhana Meditation 1.4.3 Chakras Introduction 1.4.4 Significance of the Heart 1.4.5 Sadhana Pranayama 1.4.6 Posture Study 1.4.7 Yama & Niyama 1.4.8 Sadhana Asana Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 1.5
1.5.1 Sadhana Asana 1.5.2 Sadhana Meditation 1.5.3 Chakras In-depth 1.5.4 Self-Inquiry 1.5.5 Sadhana Pranayama 1.5.6 Posture Study 1.5.7 Yama & Niyama 1.5.8 Bhajans Join our Daily Live Q&A (18:00 Bali Time)
  • Chapter 1.6
1.6.1 Sadhana Self-Practice 1.6.2 Sadhana Meditation 1.6.3 Path of Yoga 1.6.4 Spiritual Heart Meditation 1.6.5 Sadhana Pranayama 1.6.6 Posture Study 1.6.7 Yama & Niyama 1.6.8 Sadhana Asana QUIZ PART 1 Join our Daily Live Q&A


  • Schedule – Part 2
  • Chapter 2.1
2.1.1 Sadhana Asana 2.1.2 Sadhana Meditation 2.1.2.C Yama & Niyama Contemplation 2.1.3 Part 2 Practicalities 2.1.4 Anatomy Intro 2.1.5 Sadhana Pranayama 2.1.6 Posture Study 2.1.7 Anatomy 2.1.8 Sadhana Asana Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 2.2
2.2.1 Sadhana Asana 2.2.2 Sadhana Meditation 2.2.2.C Yama & Niyama Contemplation 2.2.3 Voice 2.2.4 Anatomy Terminology 2.2.5 Sadhana Pranayama 2.2.6 Posture Study 2.2.7 Anatomy Skeletal System 2.2.8 Sadhana Asana Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 2.3
2.3.1 Sadhana Asana 2.3.2 Sadhana Meditation 2.3.2.C Yama & Niyama Contemplation 2.3.3 Instructions 2.3.4 Anatomy Skeletal System 2.3.5 Sadhana Pranayama 2.3.6 Posture Study 2.3.7 Anatomy Muscular System 2.3.8 Sadhana Asana Demo Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 2.4
2.4.1 Sadhana Asana 2.4.2 Sadhana Meditation 2.4.2.C Yama & Niyama Contemplation 2.4.3 Sequencing 2.4.4 Anatomy Muscular System 2.4.5 Sadhana Pranayama 2.4.6 Posture Study 2.4.7 Anatomy Muscular System 2.4.8 Sadhana Asana Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 2.5
2.5.1 Sadhana Asana 2.5.2 Sadhana Meditation 2.5.2.C Yama & Niyama Contemplation 2.5.3 Energetics of Posture 2.5.4 Anatomy Respiratory System 2.5.5 Sadhana Pranayama 2.5.6 Posture Study 2.5.7 Anatomy Respiratory System 2.5.8 Bhajans Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 2.6
2.6.1 Sadhana Self-Practice 2.6.2 Sadhana Meditation 2.6.2.C Yama & Niyama Contemplation 2.6.3 Teaching Practicalties 2.6.4 Anatomy Cardiovascular System 2.6.5 Sadhana Pranayama 2.6.6 Posture Recap 2.6.7 Anatomy Digestive system 2.6.8 Sadhana Asana QUIZ PART 2 Join our Daily Live Q&A


  • Schedule – Part 3
  • Chapter 3.1
3.1.1 Sadhana Asana 3.1.2 Sadhana Meditation 3.1.3 Part 3 Practicalities 3.1.4 Anatomy Endochrine System 3.1.5 Sadhana Pranayama 3.1.6 Purification 3.1.7 Anatomy Nervous System 3.1.8 Practicum Preparation 60 Minutes Class Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 3.2
3.2.1 Sadhana Asana 3.2.2 Sadhana Meditation 3.2.3 Bhagavad Gita 3.2.4 Anatomy Recap Skeletol System 3.2.5 Sadhana Pranayama 3.2.6 Yogic Routine 3.2.7 Anatomy Recap Skeletol System 3.2.8 Practicum Training 60 Minutes Class Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 3.3
3.3.1 Sadhana Asana 3.3.2 Sadhana Meditation 3.3.3 Bhagavad Gita 3.3.4 Anatomy Compression & Tention 3.3.5 Sadhana Pranayama 3.3.6 Yoga & Diet I 3.3.7 Anatomy Compression & Tention 3.3.8 Practicum Recording 60 Minutes Class Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 3.4
3.4.1 Sadhana Asana 3.4.2 Sadhana Meditation 3.4.3 Bhagavad Gita 3.4.4 Anatomy Standing Poses 3.4.5 Sadhana Pranayama 3.4.6 Yoga & Diet II 3.4.7 Anatomy Forward Folds 3.4.8 Sadhana Asana Join our Daily Live Q&A
  • Chapter 3.5
3.5.1 Sadhana Asana 3.5.2 Sadhana Meditation 3.5.3 Bhagavad Gita 3.5.4 Anatomy Back Bends 3.5.5 Sadhana Pranayama 3.5.6 Adjustment Training 3.5.7 Anatomy Twist & Inversion 3.5.8 Bhajans Join our Daily Live Q&A

  • Chapter 3.6