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80-HR TO 300-HOUR

300-Hour Online

Yoga Teacher Training


Seamless Transition from the 80-Hour course(s) to the 300-Hour course

We're thrilled to see your passion for yoga and your commitment to growth through our 80-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training. As you continue to evolve, we'd like to invite you to take the next step in your yoga journey by upgrading to our comprehensive 300-Hour Advanced Online YTT.

By choosing to upgrade, you'll benefit from an extensive, in-depth curriculum designed to deepen your understanding of yoga, elevate your teaching skills, and connect you with a supportive, heart-centered community.

We’ll make sure you’ll have a seamless Transition: Your progress from the 80-Hour course(s) will be transferred to the 300-Hour course, ensuring no loss of time,  effort or money.

On this page you will find some explainer videos by Kirsten and below some of  the most frequently asked questions about: 


How to Upgrade My Course


How to Upgrade My Course-Progress

How to Upgrade My Course-Tuition

How to Upgrade My Course-Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading from 80-Hour  to  300-Hour TTC

  • Can I upgrade from 80-Hour TTC to the 300-Hour TTC?

Yes, you can of course upgrade from an 80-Hour TTC to the 300-Hour TTC. 


Our full 300-Hour Training consists of three parts:

 • Advanced Hatha & Pranayama TTC

 • Yin Yoga & Self-Inquiry TTC

 • Meditation TTC


You will keep all progress you made in the separate parts. 

The tuition you already paid for your 80-Hour course(s) will of course be deducted from the 300-Hour price. Rest assured that you don’t have any disadvantages. We’re making sure that you have a smooth and fair transition. 


You can find the reduced special rates, as well as payment plans here 

  • Can I transfer my progress from the 80-Hour TTC to the 300-Hour TTC?

Yes, you can transfer your progress and learning from the 80-Hour TTC to the 300-Hour TTC. 

We will take your current state and incorporate your progress into the new 300-Hour TTC, ensuring that nothing is lost in the transition. This allows you to seamlessly continue from where you left off.

  • What do I need to catch up on if I've already completed an 80-Hour TTC?

If you've completed one of our 80-Hour TTCs already, you'll need to catch up on the interactive components:  eight live Zoom calls per 80-Hour YTT, and the corresponding practicum assignments (to be found in Chapter 9 of each part). We’re here to guide you through this upgrading process, making sure that you’ll have a smooth & easy transition.

  • What are the benefits of upgrading to the 300-Hour TTC?

Upgrading to the advanced 300-Hour TTC offers countless benefits: You receive a full-fledged certificate of the international Yoga Alliance. And you’ll get access to a great variety of engaging live components: 

  • Interactive instructor education, showing you how to teach advanced Hatha Yoga & Pranayama, Yin Yoga & Self-Inquiry, and Spiritual Heart Meditation

  • 24+ Zoom calls (6 live sessions offered per week to give full flexibility)

  • Engaging assignments to deepen your understanding & application of advanced teaching techniques

  • Personalized 1-on-1 feedback from a dedicated supervisor for each part

  • Peer-to-peer buddy system and uplifting accountability partners

  • Interactive connection with a global community of awesome Yogis

  • A fully accredited 300-Hour Yoga Alliance certificate. This advanced certification allows you to upgrade your credentials. You can sign up as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the prestigious 500-Hour level (RYT 500)


By upgrading to the 300-Hour TTC you'll enhance the depth of your practice, uplevel your teaching skills, and solidify your credibility as an advanced Yoga Teacher.

Tuition upgrade from 80-Hour to 300-Hour TTC

  • Does the tuition I paid for my 80-Hour TTC count towards the 300-Hour TTC?

Yes, we of course created a fair & easy solution: 

The tuition you paid for the 80-Hour TTC will count towards the price of the 300-Hour TTC. 

The amount you've already paid, will be deducted from the full price of the 300-Hour TTC, ensuring that no money is lost during your upgrading process. Please find the adjusted prices and supportive payment plans here

  • How do I join the 300-Hour TTC if I’m already enrolled in 1 or 2 of the 80-Hour TTCs?

If you already signed up previously for one (or more) 80-Hour TTCs, you can simply upgrade your enrollment.

We make it super easy for you to join the 300-Hour Advanced TTC. 


The full 300-Hour Training consists of three parts:

 • Advanced Hatha & Pranayama TTC

 • Yin Yoga & Self-Inquiry TTC

 • Meditation TTC


Our lovely student support will transfer you seamlessly, so you keep all the progress you already made. You’ll see that it’s a smooth transition & fair upgrade. 

You can rest assured that no money will be lost. We of course deduct the tuition you already paid. Simply head to this page to find your strongly reduced remainder tuition for the 300-Hour TTC

Payment Plans

  • Are there payment plans available if I already purchased one or two 80-Hour TTC?

Yes, we offer a special payment plan for students who already purchased one or two 80-Hour TTCs. We do our very best to make our premium offer as accessible as possible. 


You can even benefit from the special 25% launch discount while using a payment plan. But this exceptional offer is only available until April 10th. 


You can opt for a 3-month payment plan, with three installments of US$330 or US$ 170 each. This flexible option allows you to spread the cost of the 300-Hour Advanced TTC over three months, while still benefiting from the exceptional launch discount. 


We trust that this exceptional offer will empower you to join this life-changing course. Access the special payment plan for this Yoga Alliance certified TTC here

Continuing Education vs 300-Hour Certification

  • Can I count the 80-Hour TTC and the 300-Hour TTC separately for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education and as an RYT 300 certificate?

You can either receive the full-fledged 300-Hour Yoga Alliance certificate.

Or you are eligible for 240 hours of Continuing Education (YACEP). 

Please note that this is an either-or choice, meaning that you have to decide on one of the two options.

Interactive parts & assignments - 300-Hour TTC

  • What assignments can I expect during the 300-hour online teacher training?

This advanced 300-Hour TTC includes a variety of truly engaging features. You’ll enjoy the interactive flow of our Yoga Alliance certified course: 


  • You’ll get professional feedback from your supervisors in five sessions: 

one 60-minute Hatha/Vinyasa class, one 60-minute Yin class, one 40-minute Pranayama class, one 15-minute meditation, and one 30-minute meditation.


  • Practice your teaching skills in four peer-to-peer classes: 

60-minute Hatha Yoga, 60-minute Yin Yoga, 30-minute Pranayama & 15-minute Meditation.


  • Learn from your favorite teachers by analyzing four asana classes & three meditations. We’ll show you how to implement their tools & tricks into your own sessions.


  • You can join 24+ live group sessions with your lead teachers and other experts: 

We’re available for six Zoom calls per week. You can join these 1-hour sessions whenever it fits your schedule. Get answers to all your questions. And immerse yourself in our heartfelt yogic community.


  • Solidify your knowledge and Yoga Alliance certification with three multiple-choice quizzes on the way and a written final exam.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help. Reach out to us, and we'll guide you through the process.

Take this opportunity to elevate your teaching abilities and enhance your yoga practice. Choose to upgrade to our 300-Hour Online YTT and embrace the transformative power of yoga.

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