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Welcome to the Yin Yoga Challenge

August 23-28 Online Event

Join us for this Transformative Week.

In this free 6-Day Yin Yoga Challenge, we'll explore the depth of this practice. Experience our unique approach to Yin, that incorporates the profound method of Self Inquiry.

During this heart-opening challenge, you'll also get a taste of our brand-new
80-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.
Day 1 - 5 give you a great first feel of our outstanding quality. The retreat on day 6 takes it to the next level: We strongly encourage you to watch this final event with awesome cello live music. 

DAY 1: Yin Yoga is Self Inquiry
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Explore the different aspects of Inquiry and learn how to embrace the Present in all shades & forms. 

Day 1
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DAY 2: Practical Self Inquiry

Discover a genuine method to look inside, into the depths of Being.

Day 2
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DAY 3: Functional Anatomy

Experience the interconnectedness of your body.

Practically understand compression & tension.

Day 3
Untitled design (8).png
DAY 4: The Roots of Awareness

Find out how to deepen your awareness of Yin Yoga & daily life.

Experience the benefits of living with an Open Heart.

Day 4
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DAY 5: Yin Yoga Energetics

Explore the energetic side of Yin Yoga. Find out how a stretch, coupled with intentional breath & guided attention can activate energy flow!

Day 5

Join our global community for the launch event of our 80-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

The Program:


6.1 Yin Yoga with Cello Live Music
with Kirsten
Bring a Yoga mat,

blanket or pillow & block or bolster

6.2 Guided Meditation
Who am I – Beyond Body & Mind
with Devdas

6.3 Community Sharing
A Conversation about Yin
with Kirsten, Burkhard, Devdas & Astrid

6.1 Yin Yoga with Kirsten
Live Music by Cellomano
6.2  Guided Meditation with Devdas
Who am I – Beyond Body & Mind
Community Sharing with 
Devdas - Kirsten - Burkhard - Astrid
Day 6
Yin and win
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