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Ubud, the perfect setting for a Yoga teacher training in Bali

Ubud, the Balinese Yoga capital, is a gem of a city with countless Yoga studios and retreat centers, and home to a large community of Yogis, which alone makes it a great setting for a Yoga teacher training. Famous for its impressive wood carving and artistic stone work, the legendary old town is a magical place in which western dreams of exotic Asia come true. Between the lush tropical rice fields, the picturesque temples, the art galleries, the colorful markets, and the countless health food restaurants, you will soon find yourself falling in love with this enchanting town sieh dir das an.

Ubud, the cultural center of Bali

Our courses in Bali take place in this charming town. The settlement was initially founded at the junction of two rivers, and the temple at this auspicious intersection is known for its special healing powers. The place became the home of the Royal Palace, which caused the art of wood and stone carving to develop in an impressive way.

The picturesque old town is home to countless artists up to the present day, and Ubud is doubtlessly the center of traditional and modern culture on Bali. The vibrant town is famous for its handicrafts, colorful markets, and fascinating temples. The surrounding nature is characterized by steep jungle valleys and the terraced rice paddies – presenting an archetype of tropical nature !

The local Hindu culture is very active, and the Balinese society has many similarities to India, the motherland of Yoga. Ubud attracts a variety of spiritual seekers, as it is the perfect place to discover the roots of the ancient science of Hatha Yoga.

Ubud, the capital of Yoga

So it is definitely not a coincidence that the contemporary Yoga movement chose to settle here. Over the last decade, this special town has actually turned into one of the prime Yoga destinations in Asia. The Balinese Yoga capital Ubud attracts a large heterogeneous crowd of yogic aspirants from around the globe. The town is chock-full of Yoga schools and retreat centers, as well as experienced teachers and healers of every specialty and area of study.

There are countless excellent health food restaurants which offer the tastiest food in organic, raw, and / or vegan variations. They source their ingredients from ecological sound and alternative projects in the surroundings and are trying as much as possible to give back to the local community. We are actually convinced that you will love this magical town – as much as we do!

Activities & excursions around Ubud

It only takes around 20-60 minutes to get from Ubud to the ocean, and on Sundays students usually make excursions to the black and white beaches in the area. The nearby coast invites you for swimming, surfing, snorkelling, diving and a smoothie in an ocean view hammock. ;-)

The stunning volcanic mountains offer options for hiking and climbing, and provide soft slopes for easy going down-hill biking. Participants use the lunch breaks to explore the nearby rivers and waterfalls. Next door there are many fancy nature resorts with attractive infinity swimming pools, whirlpools, and stylish lounges to hang out. The spas are affordable, providing facials treatments, pampering massages, and much more for very decent prices.

Bottom line: There are countless options to really enjoy one’s time on this perfect tropical island.


We would like to take a few moments to introduce you to the surroundings:

Bali is one of the 17000 islands of Indonesia. The big tropical island is located just south of the equator, and spans around 150 by 110 kilometres. It is characterized by the extremely lush vegetation, countless beaches, and by the big volcano mountains, which are up to 3000 meters high.

The south coast is known for its big waves and long surf beaches. The east and north coast feature colourful coral reefs which offer good conditions for snorkelling and diving. The inland mountains are famous for the terraced rice paddies, as well as the rich tropical jungle with its steep valleys and waterfalls.

Our venue in Ubud

We are hosted by the exclusive Prashanti Eco-Resort, which is located at a 7 minute walking distance from lively downtown. The venue is situated in the middle of nature, right between the open rice paddies and a steep jungle valley.

For more details about our upcoming courses, check out our 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training page.

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