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Discover the Essence of Breath


Welcome to Day 1 of our 7-Day Meditation Challenge! It's thrilling to set forth on this enlightening journey, where we'll delve deep into the essence of meditation and its transformative power.


Over the week, you’ll unveil the layers of self-awareness, bringing forth immense transformations. The promise of meditation is not just limited to a calm mind; it is a gateway to understanding the true self.


Meditation provides you with:


  • Enhanced clarity of thought.

  • A stronger connection with the inner self.

  • A wellspring of tranquility amidst the chaos.


Meditation needn’t be a daunting task. With our guided steps, you'll find the path to introspection simple yet profound.


The physical posture of meditation is often overlooked, but it plays a pivotal role. A proper posture ensures that you're not just comfortable, but deeply connected and tuned into the practice. It ensures that distractions, especially those of the body, don’t stand in the way of your spiritual journey.


Moreover, we introduce the concept of 'capturing the uncaught mind' today, borrowed from ancient Buddhist teachings. This technique, rooted in the breath, serves as a compass guiding you toward mental stillness and heightened concentration.


Today's insights and practices include:


  • Techniques to find the perfect meditation posture tailored for you.

  • The ancient art of harnessing breath to streamline thoughts and anchor the wandering mind.

  • Taking the first step toward fostering concentration and cultivating a witnessing perspective.


Today is just the beginning, and there's a wealth of wisdom awaiting you. Dive in and let the journey to inner peace commence!

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Kirsten is the lead meditation guide, with extensive experience in helping individuals find inner stillness and peace. She is deeply passionate about making meditation accessible to everyone, seeing it as a crucial tool for turning inward and connecting with oneself. In her meditation practice, she nurtures the mind and soul with a profound sense of calm and brings a harmonious balance to daily life. Her approach to meditation emphasizes health, mindfulness, and a compassionate understanding of the self.


If you enjoyed today's practice, we encourage you to take a deep dive into the world of Meditation.

Join our 80-Hour Meditation Teacher Trainning Course. Together, we’ll dive into various meditation styles, traditions, techniques, mantras, hand mudras, and common sitting postures for all body types. We’ll also enter the world of brainwaves and altered states of consciousness.


Your transformation throughout this program will naturally enable you to live with a higher purpose and hold space for the people around you.

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Turn Your Yoga Passion Into a Fulfilling Career With our 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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Our Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour TTC is the perfect bridge to take you from yoga enthusiast to yoga professional.

Deepen your personal practice and gain the comprehensive knowledge & tools to build a rewarding yoga teaching career.

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