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Become an Akasha
Yoga Ambassador
Join the Family. Share the Love.
Reap the Rewards.

At Akasha, we're deeply committed to spreading authentic Yoga.

Today, we invite you to elevate this mission by becoming an Akasha Yoga Ambassador.

Engage your community, inspire new Yoga teachers, and enjoy a cascade of benefits that grow with your success.


Share the Gift of Yoga


As an Akasha Ambassador, you're much more than a plain affiliate. You're a powerful catalyst for the spreading of genuine Yoga.

Join our heart-centered mission to change lives through authentic Yoga education. 

Our Gifts to You:
Win-Win on all Levels

We're opening a new era of mutual benefits:

Instead of paying huge amounts to Google & Facebook for paid ads, we're now giving this money directly to you!

You're the heart of our community. So we're honored & excited to invest in YOU.

Become an Akasha Ambassador:

Join our family's journey of growth & shared success. It's easy for you to benefit: Introduce new students to our courses and earn a juicy 20 - 30% commission.

A simple yet rewarding way to make a difference. Together, we're redefining prosperity.

It's a true win-win-win setup:

You get a massive commission. The referred students benefit from genuine Yoga. And our heart-centered family can grow organically.

For each new student who joins us through your referral, you earn a massive 20 – 30% commission.

As an Akasha Ambassador, you have a pivotal role in nurturing our thriving Yogic community. You're actively contributing to the survival of authentic, classical Yoga.

Together, we're spreading genuine Yoga, spreading the field of Yogic wisdom around the globe.

Ambassador Tier System

Akasha's 3-tier Ambassador system, from Seed, via Rise to Blossom, rewards your dedication with increasing benefits:

Key Features of all 3 Tiers

You receive a huge 20 – 30% commission 

Either keep it for yourself. Or donate it to a charity supported by Akasha. This gives yet another facet to the win-win-win setup.

Immediate Rewards upon Enrollment:

  • Free Workshop: Free access to our "Doorways into Stillness" course.

  • Course Discount: Enjoy your own 10% discount on one future Akasha workshop or online TTC.

  • Personalized Coupon Code: Gift a US$100 discount on any TTC to your audience.

Our 3-Tire Ambassador System

1. Seed Ambassador:

Embark on your journey as a Seed Ambassador, where your first contributions are immediately recognized & rewarded.

Criteria: Accessible directly, even for your first referral. Applies to all sales below US$9,999 in total revenue per 12 months.


  • A solid 20% commission on any sales that comes through you.

  • Either keep this big commission for yourself.

  • Or donate it to an Akasha-endorsed charity project (e.g. feeding a Balinese family via the Plastic Exchange project.)

  • Access to Doorways into Stillness Workshop.

  • Course Discount: Enjoy a 10% discount on one future course for personal development.

  • Personalized coupon code for your audience with a US$100 Discount on any YTT courses.

Example: By referring just three TTC students per month, you can earn US$300 monthly, totaling US$3,600 in annual commission

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2. Rise Ambassador:

As a Rise Ambassador, your growing influence is matched with enhanced rewards.

Akasha Yoga Academy Nov 19 Graduation-Dean Raphael-200.jpg

Criteria: US$10,000 - US$19,999 in generated revenue per 12 months.


  • Earn a 25% commission on sales. Either keep it for yourself, or donate part or all to an Akasha-endorsed charity project.

  • 1 x one-on-one coaching call with a Lead Teacher.

  • 15% discount on 1 future course for personal use.

  • 1 x Feature on the Academy’s social media.

Example: By referring five students monthly, you can earn US$930 monthly, totaling US$11,160 in annual commission. A massive top-up for your account and a wonderful service to your community.

3. Blossom Ambassador:

Achieve the highest status of Blossom Ambassador and enjoy huge benefits.

Criteria: US$20,000+ in generated revenue per 12 months.


  • Receive 30% commission on all sales, or donate the commission to an Akasha-endorsed charity project.

  • 2 x one-on-one mentorship calls with a Lead Teacher.

  • 20% discount on 1 future course for personal use.

  • Early access to new courses & materials.

  • 2 x feature on the Academy’s social media.

  • Free: Personal invitation to join a free onsite Retreat in Bali.

Example: By referring 7 students per month, you can earn US$1575 monthly, totaling US$18,900 in annual commission. That's obviously huge!

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Our program symbolizes a journey of mutual growth, grounded in shared values.

It embodies a symbiotic relationship, harmonizing ambassadors' dedication to yoga with meaningful recognition and growth opportunities.


This approach not only acknowledges the achievements of our ambassadors but also aligns them with the transformative power and community spirit of yoga, which is at the heart of Akasha Yoga Academy's ethos.


Overall, it's designed to cultivate a thriving and interconnected community within the Academy.

Ignite Inspiration and Share Our Yoga Ethos

As an Akasha Ambassador, you do more than share our passion and values for yoga; you ignite a flame of inspiration in your community.


Your pivotal role in spreading the essence of authentic yoga practice creates ripples of positive transformation.


By embodying and sharing our core values, you become a guiding light, leading others to discover the profound benefits of yoga.

Akasha Yoga Academy Bali 300 Hour 2019 - Dean Raphael-162.jpg
Akasha Yoga Academy Bali 300 Hour 2019 - Dean Raphael-156.jpg

Foster Connections & Grow Our Community


Your efforts extend beyond simple invitations. You are building bridges, connecting like-minded individuals to a place where growth and learning flourish.


As an ambassador, you play a crucial role in nurturing a supportive and expansive yoga community, thriving on collective growth and shared experiences.

Track & Celebrate Your Impact

Your unique affiliate link or ambassador code is not just a tool, but a gateway to witness the tangible impact of your efforts.


It empowers you to track your successful referrals and the expansion of your influence within the yoga community, celebrating each new connection as a testament to your dedication.

Akasha Yoga Academy Uluwatu-Dean Raphael-10_edited.jpg

Reap Rewarding Financial Returns


As an Akasha Ambassador, you earn a consistent 10% commission on sales, reflecting the value we place on your contributions. This commission rate underscores our commitment to sharing success with those who help our community grow.

Choose Your Path: Receive or Give Back

At Akasha Yoga, we respect the uniqueness of every journey. As an Ambassador, you choose how to utilize your earnings. Whether you relish the reward of your efforts or opt to donate to a noble cause, your decision is celebrated as an extension of your personal yoga journey and commitment to spreading positivity.

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Enjoy Consistent & Timely Rewards


Experience the satisfaction of regular monthly commission payouts. This system ensures that your dedication is recognized promptly, providing a reliable source of income as you continue your ambassador journey.

Lifetime Membership – A Bond That Grows Stronger

From the moment you join us, you're granted a lifetime ambassador membership.


This isn't just a status; it's an enduring bond with Akasha Yoga Academy.


It symbolizes our ongoing commitment to you and your journey, offering continual support and recognition as you deepen your impact and broaden your horizons in the world of yoga.

Your Questions Answered

How can I join the Akasha Yoga Family as an affiliate?

Joining is simple! Just express your interest in becoming an Akasha Yoga Affiliate, and we'll provide you with an exclusive affiliate link or ambassador code to share within your community.


What do I gain by becoming an Akasha Yoga Affiliate?

As an affiliate, you'll receive a 20 – 30% commission for every new online student you refer to us. This is our way of sharing abundance and saying thank you for helping us grow our family.


What is my role as an Akasha Yoga Affiliate?

Your role is to embody the spirit of Akasha Yoga by sharing your passion and values with others. Use your exclusive link or code to introduce new students to our community and enjoy the rewards of your service.


How often will I receive my affiliate commission?

Commissions are paid out monthly, ensuring you regularly receive the rewards for your efforts.


Is there a cost to become an affiliate?

Absolutely not! It's free to join our Affiliate Program. We're excited to have you on board and spread the joy of Yoga together.


How can I spread the word about Akasha Yoga programs?

You can share your affiliate link or ambassador code through your social media platforms, during Yoga sessions, or within any part of your network interested in Yoga and personal growth.


What makes the Akasha Yoga Affiliate Program unique?

Instead of investing in traditional advertising, we prefer to invest directly in our community. By joining us, you not only earn but also empower others to spread the transformative power of Yoga.

Ready to Join?

If you're ready to take this journey with us, please fill up this form.

Join the Ambassador Program

“The more loving we can be, the more meaningful our life becomes.” - Hermann Hesse


Are you ready to deepen your impact on the world of Yoga? Don't miss this chance to elevate your journey and become a beacon in our growing family. The time is now to step forward and embrace your potential as an Akasha Yoga Ambassador.


This is more than an invitation — it's a call to action for those who feel the pulse of Yoga in their veins. Don't let this moment pass you by. Click to join and transform every asana into a step toward collective growth. Together, we're not just practicing Yoga; we're living it.

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If you wanna be even more selfless, you can donate your commission to an Akasha-endorsed Charity Project.
Your Akasha Yoga Family
Become an ambassador
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