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August 23-28 Online Event


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Are you ready to explore the depth of Yin Yoga?

Join us for this transformative week. Together we'll explore Yin Yoga’s true depth with the process of Self-Inquiry. Experience our special approach to Yin practice:

We don’t try to get our bodies into a posture.

We use the postures to get into our bodies. 

During this eye-opening challenge, you'll also get a taste of our brand-new 80-Hour Yin Yoga TTC. 

So yes, after countless requests, we're finally launching our Yin Yoga Teacher Training. And the good new is that it's all accessible for you online!

To celebrate this special occasion, we invite you to our FREE 6-Day Yin Yoga Challenge.

It starts August 23rd

For 5 days you will receive a 20-minute video each day in your inbox. We 'll introduce you to both theory & practice of authentic Yin Yoga. 

On day 6, we'll end this challenge with a Yin Yoga Online Retreat – live-streamed via Zoom from Bali. Together, we'll connect & practice with Yogis from around the globe.

Experience the incredible benefits of this
FREE 6-Day Yin Yoga Challenge,
23 -28 August 2022

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Day 1
August 23

Explore the different aspects of Inquiry and learn how to embrace the Present in all shades & forms. 

Yin-Yoga-Challenge---Day-2-(Devdas) (1).jpg

Day 2
August 24

Discover a genuine method to look inside, into the depths of Being.

Yin-Yoga-Challenge---Day-3-(Astrid) (1).jpg

Day 3
August 25

Experience the interconnectedness of your body. Practically understand compression & tension.

Yin-Yoga-Challenge---Day-4-(Burkhard) (1).jpg

Day 4
August 26

Find out how to deepen your awareness in Yin Yoga & daily life. Experience the benefits of living with an Open Heart.

Yin-Yoga-Challenge---Day-5-(Kirsten) (1).jpg

Explore the energetic side of Yin Yoga. Find out how a stretch, coupled with intentional breath & guided attention can activate energy flow!

Day 5
August 27

Yin-Yoga-Challenge---Day-6 (1).jpg

Day 6
August 28

The whole community will come together to practice with beautiful live music, guided meditations, and inspiring lectures.


Join now
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Get a chance to win a FREE spot in our online 80-Hour Yin Yoga TTC

How to win:

  • Follow us on Instagram @akashayogaacademy

  • Sign up and complete our 6-Day Yin Yoga Challenge

  • Post a photo/image with a caption describing your takeaway from each day of the Challenge.

  • Tag us at @akashayogaacademy and add the hashtag #akashayogachallenge so we can see your posts.

  • Bonus points if you also post on your Instagram story

We want to see some creativity, so feel free to be as creative as you can with your post and story.

Winners will be announced on our Instagram post and story.

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