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Breath is Life 

Learn how to release stress & anxiety.
Join this free online event to receive time-proven tools.


Time-proven breathing techniques can help you:

  • increase your energy levels

  • increase mental clarity

  • decrease anxiety

In this free 4-Day Challenge, you'll learn simple yet powerful techniques. These effective methods will help you to relax. And they'll give your nervous system the rest it deserves. 

You'll also get a taste of our 80-Hour Advanced Hatha & Pranayama TTC. 

This Yoga Alliance certified course empowers you to master & share powerful Yogic tools.

Are you tired of feeling stressed & anxious?

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Do you regularly feel overwhelmed & exhausted?

Are you challenged by stress at work?

Do you struggle with moodiness or depression?

Are you confronted with fear & anxiety?

Have you been tormented by worries at night?

Do you wake up tired & rundown?  

Do you lack consistency with your goals?

Would you like more energy to manifest your dreams?

If one or more of these apply to you, Pranayama can help.

Yogic Breathwork might be the surprising solution. 

Breath is the Master Key 

Studies have shown that stress-levels are at an all-time high. Meaning, you're not alone feeling tired, depleted & overwhelmed.

Yet, studies have also shown that it is possible to reduce stress with breathing exercises. 

So why not practice the time-proven Yogic approach of Pranayama. It has been working effectively for thousands of years. And it can also work for you today. Are you open to try?


Join our Free 4-Day Yogic Breath Challenge

The breath is a simple, and often overlooked transformational tool. It gives your wired nervous system a well-deserved break.​ And it can give you various other tangible benefits.

With only a few essential exercises, you’ll begin to feel considerable shifts!

You don’t need a fancy outfit, a special yoga mat, or anything else.

Just you & your breath are enough.

And you don’t even need more time, energy or money.

Simply sit down & allow yourself to breathe deeply.

It’s free. And in only 4 days you'll see first results!​

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Akasha's 11-Year Anniversary
November 9 -12

On the first 3 days, you'll receive a 20-minute video each day in your inbox. Simple yet powerful breath techniques to focus your mind and calm your nervous system.​

On day 4, we'll end this challenge with a truly special celebration:

It's the 11th Birthday of Akasha Yoga Academy. That's more than a decade of joyful service – sharing genuine Yoga with 1000s of aspirants from all 6 continents.

This uplifting live event will be streamed in real-time via Zoom from our marvelous Baliwood Studio. Together, we'll connect, breathe & practice with Yogis from around the globe.

We'll explore breath-based Asana with Kirsten, energizing Pranayama with Devdas, and a profound sound healing journey with Burkhard. All this is supported with live music by marvelous artists. You don't want to miss the opportunity to connect to our global Yogic community!

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Day 1
November 9

Learn a simple & powerful technique to deepen your exhalation. The depth of your physical breath allows you to detach on an emotional level.  


Day 2
November 10

Discover the radical potential of the pauses after breathing. A deeply centering breath experience will provide you with mental clarity


Day 3
November 11

A cooling breathwork experience. Did you ever feel you need to calm down inside the storm? This simple technique can do that, and even help cool the body on hot days. 


Day 4
November 12

An Anniversary celebration! The whole community will practice together with live music. A guided asana practice, a strong breath experience, and live sound healing to nourish the soul.


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Get a chance to win a FREE spot in our Online 80-Hour Hatha & Pranayama YTT

How to win:

  • Follow us on Instagram @akashayogaacademy

  • Sign up and complete our 4-Day Yogic Breath Challenge 

  • Post a photo with a caption describing your take-away from each day of this challenge.

  • Tag us at @akashayogaacademy and add the hashtag #akashayogachallenge so we can see your stories.

  • Bonus points if you also post on your Instagram profile.

We enjoy creativity. So feel free to be expressive with your posts & stories.

The winners will be announced on our Instagram.

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