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80-Hour Online Adv. Hatha and

PranayamaYoga Teacher Training



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A few words about our Curriculum

Discover our clearly structured Yoga Alliance Certified Curriculum. In this video, our lead Teacher Kirsten answers most of your questions.


Breath & Bandhas
Breath-work & Bandha cultivate a deep relationship with yourself & others, and they deepen your connection to your body & the present moment. You’ll learn to skillfully integrate your breath in Asana practice, prioritizing the breath and aligning it with movement. As your self-practice develops, you’ll learn to teach this practice to others, inspiring students to enjoy these surprisingly transformative tricks. 
Arm Balances
Inversions inspire subtle internal lifting & toning. You’ll develop the critical foundation of arm balances, discover the benefits of thorough preparation, and understand the related anatomy. We’ll warm up with core strength and wrist flexibility, practice basics like crow & crane, stabilize headstand variations, and investigate possibilities for handstand training. 

The transformative techniques of Pranayama are a crucial component of holistic & integrated Yoga. You’ll learn two ways to practice Pranayama: while moving in asana, and in a stable sitting pose. Advanced teachings will incorporate powerful Bandhas from the Kundalini Yoga tradition – taking your practice to the next level. You’ll also learn the art of holding space during intense breath-work and heart-centered meditation. 

Yoga History
We’ll dive into the history of genuine Yoga, specifically exploring the Hatha Yoga Pradipika – one of the fundamental scriptures that systematically outlines the practices of Asana & Pranayama. We’ll investigate the lineages of modern Yoga, shedding some inspiring light on what’s what and who’s who.


The training is led by Kirsten & Burkhard, the directors of the Akasha Yoga Academy. They are supported by Devdas, who has been practicing Yoga for 35 years. Devdas is an advanced yet humble master, who has been teaching Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation in India for more than 12 years. 

Kirsten & Burkhard both draw from more than 15 years of full-time research & practice. They each have more than 5000 hours of intensive teaching experience and continuously inspire others with their dedicated life-style. They have been living in Asia since 2007, and have had the opportunity to study full-time under various eminent spiritual & academic teachers. 


So we do everything to make it one of the best investments of your life

Over the past decade, we empowered more than 1000 awesome Yoga Instructors

– who are now successfully teaching on all 6 continents.

Countless genuine reviews speak for themselves.

Some words from our graduates


From the bottom of my heart, I really like to encourage with anyone who is thinking about joining Akasha family to do it, it's amazing the change of my life, I'm a completely different person. They are very special and passionate. I'm so grateful. 

Nici from the US 


Akasha teachers, they're very knowledgeable, they live and breathe these teachings themselves, therefore they're not coming from a mind perspective, they're coming from a heart perspective. Those are principles that you can use in your daily life.

Sandra from New Zealand 


My experience with Askasha was perfect! I am the kind of person that likes to know every detail of what’s going on and this is exactly what Akasha Yoga does.

Martina from Germany 

“I think for me this program is the essence of what yoga should be. Akasha is Home for me.” Anu 


“Akasha instructors are incredible people, mentors, inspiring, nurturing and so authentic.” Lauren


Deepen your Knowledge & Practice


Learn & experience a deeper level of Yoga in both philosophy & practice.

Join the Akasha family

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