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How to record yourself

Thank you for being open to creating a video testimonial for Akasha's Online Yoga Teacher Training. 🙏

It will definitely help many others to find this special course. 


We know your time is precious, so it's fine to keep it pretty short: 2 - 3 minutes is great. 


Just speak genuinely from the Heart about what the course means to you. It's fine to also include difficulties and the ways you overcame them. 


Here are a few questions that future students are curious to find out about. 

(You don't need to answer all. Just giving you some ideas here…) 


1. What was your biggest challenge or doubt before joining Akasha's Online Yoga Teacher Training?

2. How did that challenge make you feel back then? 

3. What changed after joining & completing this YTT?


4. What specific results & benefits did you receive from this training?  

5. What would you say to somebody who is not yet convinced to join this YTT online?  


6. Anything else to add?  


Before starting to record, please take a closer look at the helpful filming recommendations below.

Do you grant permission for us to feature this testimonial in our marketing materials? 


Please share your video via Google Drive with: 

Some Videos of our Graduates

Filming Guidelines 


A phone camera is OK. Preferably use the best phone around, and make sure to set the video to the highest resolution.


Place the phone horizontally, prop it up at eye-level, and sit or stand fairly close to the camera. 


Best is if you are facing the biggest window, so you are looking towards the light.


Make sure to have quiet surroundings and please speak loudly. 

And remember to en-joy yourSelf. 

We love you as you are! 😍

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