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The Art of Letting Go


What a joy to explore together the power that lives and breathes inside each one of us. Well done for staying with us on the adventure!   👏

Today we go on a journey into the cooling aspect of pranayama with Shitali. 



Ever wondered if there is a breath technique to cool down in the fiery storm of life? Shitali, also known as cooling breath, might be the answer to your heart's query.


When the fire of life gets hot, or even when a hot day has you feeling low in energy, learn a technique to cool and calm and center inside the fires of life. 


What you will learn: 

  • Shitali, or cooling breath

  • Exploration of the cool side of pranayama

  • Deep relaxation

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“Philosophy means Love of Wisdom."

I am captivated by the great wisdom traditions – especially the Yogic philosophies of India. It is my passion to share the practical relevance of these ancient ideas in modern life. My aspiration is the integration of science & spirituality, and a unified understanding of Eastern & Western philosophies. 



I graduated with a Master’s degree in Critical Psychology from the Free University of Berlin, where I studied Education & Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. In parallel to my academic interests, I began in 2001 to explore the practical side of spirituality by traveling to the roots of Yoga in India. 

Since 2007 I am living year-round in Asia, where I dedicated more than 5000 hours to the study of yogic practices: 

The journey began with a truly thorough exploration of classical Hatha & Kundalini Yoga.  My practice of mindful meditation started in the Buddhist Vipassana style, learning from Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo and other masters in Thailand. 

With my meditation teachers Sahajananda & Mooji, I discovered the Oneness teachings of Advaita Vedanta. Hareesh Christopher Wallis allowed me to deepen my understanding of non-dual Kashmiri Shaivism. 

I understood how to unify these profound wisdom traditions in a simple breath-based asana practice, following the lineage of Krishnamacharya. 

Over the years, I joined more than two dozen 10-day silent meditation retreats, concluded a 49-day solitary meditation retreat in the jungle of Thailand, and immersed my Self in various darkroom Kayakalpa retreats.”



Burkhard is a Yoga Alliance certified and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the highest level (IYF & E-RYT-500). In addition to thousands of hours of retreats & workshops, he completed a 500-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, a 500-Hour Hridaya Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training, a 100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, and a 200-Hour Breath-Based Yoga Teacher Training. 


Since 2008, Burkhard has been sharing his vast experience in a variety of contexts, including Yoga Teacher Trainings, meditation retreats, workshops & life-coaching sessions. He has been teaching in various locations across Asia, Europe & America. Together with his dear friend Kirsten, he founded in 2011 the Akasha Yoga Academy. 



“The depth of his practice is brilliant. He really holds the space well, and opens from the heart consistently.”
– Zoran from Canada


“Burkhard is extremely intelligent, kind, giving. Sometimes firm, but always spot on in his comments and psychological understanding of a person.”
– Anastasia from Germany


“I loved the passion & generosity of Burkhard. He shares his deep knowledge on many topics with unconditional love.”
– Rafaella from Italy


If you enjoyed today's practice, we encourage you to take a deep dive and transform you life. Join our Doorways Into Stillness Course.  This heart-opening course offers a variety of different Yoga methods to dive deep into the stillness of your inner nature. The program explores Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, chanting, and Yin Yoga as Doorways into Stillness. This workshop is meant to explore, and potentially find the way that resonates most with you. 



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