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At Akasha Yoga, we know that all students have different levels of availability. Some students are ready to do the course full time, taking it in one month, whereas others have a variety of commitments such as family work, etc. 


If you want to successfully complete the course at a slow pace, it’s important to put some thought into the following questions:


- When do you want to graduate?


- How many hours do you actually have realistically available in a week?


- What are your family, social, and work commitments?


- Are you available during the weekend or spread out over the week?


To help you complete the entire 200 hours in a smooth and efficient way, we provide a personalized scheduling service. Together we evaluate in a realistic way, your availability, and then create an individual schedule for you, which is tailored to your specific needs. 


These schedule variations are provided for you to give you some orientation and some guidance, of course, don't need to commit to them. 

Let's choose your personalized schedule by clicking on the video below:

Video Ask design your schedule
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