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Engage, Connect, Discover.

Dive deeper into the transformative journey Akasha Yoga Academy Online offers. If you have questions or are curious about our 200-Hour Online Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training, here's your chance to connect with us directly.

Benefits of Booking a Call:

✅ Personalized insights tailored to your needs.

✅ Direct answers to all your burning questions.

✅ An opportunity to gauge if the program aligns with your goals.

✅ Hear first-hand experiences and understand the program depth.

✅ Get a feel for the academy and its teaching methodology.

✅ Save time by getting clarity and eliminating any doubts or hesitations.

Personalized Schedule Design Call


Every journey is unique, and we're here to cater to yours.


We understand that everyone's availability is different. 

Whether you're diving in full-time or juggling with commitments like family and work, we're here to assist. Our personalized scheduling service is designed to craft a study plan tailored just for you.


Why Book This Call?


✅Customized schedule planning

✅Realistic evaluation of your availability

✅Flexibility to adapt and change

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Speak to a Graduate

Hear real stories. Get genuine insights.


Discover the depth and breadth of our program by speaking directly with someone who has walked the path. Our graduates are eager to share their firsthand experiences, from curriculum insights to the overall teaching journey.


Why Book This Call?


✅Dive into the curriculum and teaching experience

✅Understand the program's impact on career and personal growth

✅Get answers to all your burning questions

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Discovery Call with Lead Teacher

Connect at the heart of Akasha Yoga.


Engage in a heartfelt conversation with once of our lead teacher and find answers to your deepest questions.


Why Book This Call?


✅Discuss the training intricacies and certification details

✅Explore the curriculum depth

✅Discover how to weave yoga into everyday life

✅Dive into the practicum assignments and interactive live calls


Let your yoga journey begin with a conversation. Book a call with us and step forward into a transformative world of yoga. We're excited to welcome you into our community.

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