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With the Akasha Family


The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali, is a highly transformational 3-week full-time immersion into the very Heart of Hatha Yoga - which is the integration of breath and prana with body movement.

This foundation course offers an experiential understanding of the principles of Hatha Yoga and an introduction to the deep philosophical and spiritual roots of the tradition.  Immersion in this transformational journey in a heart-centered family environment naturally leads to inner growth and a sense of connectedness with life.
The comprehensive curriculum is presented by expert teachers and certified by the international Yoga Alliance.  

Join the Akasha family in bountiful Bali to deeply connect to your truth and turn your passion into a meaningful profession.

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"Literally the best month of my life! The journey of self discovery was unbelievable!" 
Charlotte Heminsley - United States


At Akasha, we put our heart and souls into creating a family environment. For us, it is a vital component of the transformation our students experience - as it provides the safe space you need to let go of your old patterns and ascend into a higher version of yourself.

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"Their love and passion for a yogic life was out of this world. And I’m humbled by their way in sharing their knowledge and showing us. I swear my blueprint is changed because of it!"

Suzi Bloor - Denmark


“The depth of his practice is brilliant. He really holds the space well, and opens from the heart consistently.”

— Zoran from Canada


“Kirsten is super clear and precise. She has a beautiful presence. She is motherly, but not patronizing, kind and compassionate.”


— Anastasia from Germany


“The way Devdas holds space and lectures is amazing. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from him.”

— Rebecca from the US

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2021 Dates CANCELLED

2022 Dates to be confirmed 



Tuition only - US$ 2500

Includes course tuition and breakfast on all course days


All Inclusive - Budget Shared - US$ 2800

Includes course tuition, breakfast & lunch on all course days, shared dorm, airport pickup


All Inclusive - Budget Private - US$ 3000

Includes course tuition, breakfast & lunch on all course days, private single room with shared bathroom, airport pickup


All Inclusive - Comfort - Price available on request

Includes course tuition, breakfast & lunch on all course days, private single studio with shared pool, airport pickup


Sign up 2 months before the course start day to save US$300 on any offer!


"This place showed me how to slow down how to open up and how to love yourself with all around. Amazing help to get me on my path. A lot of inspirations." 

Anna Kotaba - Poland

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The course is fully accredited by the international Yoga Alliance.  Successful graduation allows you to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 Yoga Teacher. The training consists of 20 hours of compulsory online course preparation and 180 hours of onsite teaching.


"You will learn so much more than just yoga. It is a fun and challenging and life-changing experience. I truly wish that EVERY person could experience this deep dive of self-discovery."

Chandise Dasher - United States

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“The teacher training is amazing... with how much love and authenticity you get prepared to be a Yoga Teacher, just AWESOME and not describable in words.”

Pierre Mayer –

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So we do everything we can to make it the best investment of your life

75 Authentic 5-Star Reviews on Facebook


38 Authentic 5-Star Reviews on Google Maps


4.8/5 Star - Yoga Alliance Verified Review Score 


4.5/5 Star - Verified Review 


5/5 Star – Verified Review Score 


"The training has a beautiful structure and helps you to feel confident to start teaching right away.  Once you leave Bali, you not only take the family with you in your heart."

Tamara Cuypers - Belgium


Our course takes place in Ubud – the Balinese Yoga capital of southeast Asia.

The venue is in the South of Ubud and provides a peaceful escape, while still being within reach of the bustling town with its colourful markets, fashion shops, cafes, restaurants, art galleries and luxurious spas. 

Check out our location page for more information



The accommodation for our all-inclusive packages ranges from budget shared dorm to simple single rooms with shared bathroom on site which artfully combine simple ashram-style living with beautiful Balinese design touches. 


For a more luxurious stay we reserve the next-door villa with deluxe single size studios with a private bathroom and pool. The packages cover 21 nights of accommodation. Check in is welcome day, check out is the day after graduation.


Tuition only bookings for the more adventurous allow accommodation anywhere according to individual taste.

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“It’s amazing how they share their resources and knowledge bank with you to find your own calling. This itself is proof they are providing all this from their hearts”

Mohit Jain - Dubai


07:00-08:30 Yoga Practice

08:30-09:15 Breakfast

09:15-11:00 Alignment Studies & Art of Teaching

11:00-12:30 Subtle Energetics & Spirituality

12:30-13:30 Pranayama Practice

13:30-15:00 Lunch Break

15:00-16:30 Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

16:30-17:00 Meditation Practice

17:00-18:30 Yoga Philosophy

18:30-19:30 Yoga Practice


The course runs six days a week Monday - Saturday. Sunday is your day off.

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“No words would give true justice to the experience with these guys! I’m really grateful to have become the member of this family”

Kinga Kovacs - United Kingdom



  • Posture practice - authentic breath-based Hatha Yoga as taught by Krishnamacharya suitable for all levels of practice

  • Sun Salutation variations

  • Principles of practice and breath integration

  • Alignment studies of classical postures with variations, modifications, and contraindications

  • Guidance on how to self-practice

  • Pranayama practice - introduction to classical techniques

  • Introduction to subtle anatomy and the Chakra-system

  • Meditation practice - Introduction to Spiritual Heart Meditation

  • Introduction to Self-Inquiry and Satsang

  • Bhajans

  • Shatkarma - yogic purification practices and diet



  • The Body - A Wonder Of Life

  • Introduction to the Skeletal and Muscular System

  • Yoga Anatomy - Anatomical Mechanics of Posture

  • Movement - Joints and Stretching

  • Limitation - Tension Vs Compression

  • Muscle Testing - Individual Scan of Major Groups of Muscles

  • Introduction to Respiratory System

  • Introduction to Digestive System

  • Introduction to Nervous System

  • Introduction to Endocrine System



  • Scope of Yoga

  • History of Yoga

  • Classical Paths of Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Non-Duality

  • Ashtanga - the Eight Limbs of Yoga

  • Bhagavad Gita

  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Yama & Niyama

  • Living without Position

  • Sharing the Light



  • The Art of Sequencing 

  • Responsibilities of Teaching

  • Holding Space

  • Adjustment Training

  • Instruction & Demonstration

  • Voice Training

  • Use of Mantra & Music in Yoga

  • Teaching Practicalities

  • Subtle Effects of Posture

  • Network & Marketing Strategies

  • How to Get Started



  • 60 Minutes supervised Practicum: Teaching to a small group with feedback

  • 90 Minutes supervised Practicum: Teaching to a small group with feedback

  • One-on-one Training:  Asana Instruction 

  • One-on-One Training:  Adjustments

  • 60 Minutes Group Exercise: Teaching in front of a medium size group

  • 90 Minutes Group Exercise: Speaking in front of a medium size group

  • 30 Minutes Quiz: demonstration of basic alignment understanding

  • 90 Minutes Final Exam: demonstration of basic understanding of yoga practice & philosophy and basic teaching skills 

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“I love Akasha Yoga Academy. Their progams are extremely comprehensive and truly get to the essence of yoga”

Anu Anj – United Kingdom



Onsite we have a happy, healthy plant-based restaurant that offers freshly prepared meals with mostly organic and local ingredients all day long. The course tuition covers the tasty vibrant breakfast on all course days. 

Our all-inclusive packages additionally include the nourishing lunch buffet. The restaurant is open all day long for extra treats such as juices and smoothies, health conscious desserts, coffee, and a la carte dinner at extra cost.

Akasha Yoga Academy Bali 300 Hour 2019 -

“They have taught me how to step into my own authority of my own experience, how to teach what I know and love, and most importantly, how to think for myself and keep growing.”

Nici Kellerman -

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