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Berlin Yoga Conference

BREATHE . LEARN . CONNECT — The slogan of the Berlin Yoga Conference, a Jñāna Yoga event envisioned by Anastasia Shevchenko, 31 years old, and dedicated Ashtanga Yogi who has been practicing for more than 15 years, and teaching Yoga since her graduation with the Akasha Yoga Academy in 2013.

Breathe — puts the emphasis on the primordial role of the breath in the practice of Yoga.

Learn — is at the heart of the conference, fostering the path of Knowledge, Jñāna Yoga.

Connect — to support community. The conference is also a hub for people to connect, create bonds, network, chat about the latest panel discussions, or one of the many Yoga classes on the program.

Because indeed this conference, first of its kind, has invited 55 yoga teachers, will host 70 yoga classes, 15 lectures, and a dozen meditation sittings. Quite the program!

A list of remarkable presenters among whom,

– Sat Bir Singh, 40+ year Kundalini Yoga teacher, Director of the Kundalini Research Institute, and an Assistant Professor of Medecine at Harvard Medical School,

– Ambra Vallo, former principal Ballerina and renowned Yoga teacher in London,

– Esther Ekhart, co-founder of the EkhartYoga online Yoga studio where renowned Yoga teachers are offering thousands of Yoga and meditation classes.

A truly inspiring program that will run from May 24th through May 26th in Malzfabrik, an ex-industrial complex that was beautifully renovated for the arts Two passes available: A conference pass, and a festival pass starting at 63€ for the 3 days.

If you want to support Anastasia with her intention to foster unity, knowledge, and connection, she is raising funds for the conference in the link below:

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