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Open Your Heart

Discover Your True Nature

Embrace Life

Your spiritual path beckons. The veil is beginning to lift. Behind it, a deeper connection awaits. 


You’re on the edge of a metamorphosis, and your Yoga journey has forever altered the way you look at and interact with yourself and the world.


What if there was more to discover? What if you could plunge into the chasmic space of your inner being and meet your Higher Self?


That’s what Hridaya Meditation, Yoga of the Spiritual Heart, is all about. Akasha Yoga Academy invites you to further your Yoga journey through our 100-hour Meditation & Self-Inquiry Teacher Training course.


This is a rare opportunity to dive deep into the silence of your own nature and experience profound presence, inner growth & transformation within a loving and supportive environment.


Akasha’s uniquely designed course in a rare integration of various practices and traditions, including Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Tantrism, Kashmir Shaivism, and Sufism.

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"This place shows you how to slow down, how to open up, and how to love yourself.

Anna Kotaba – Poland


You’ve come a long way, too far to stop now. A lifetime of lucid days and discoveries have brought you to this point––the very ground you’re standing upon right now.


Darkness has also paved your path, and you wouldn’t be who you are today without those past storms and heavy stones.


Inside your personal evolution is the flickering light of a sacred and spiritual awakening. You can feel it. You’re beginning to see it. Ignoring the call to Grace would mean relinquishing all you’ve learned and discovered.


Now is the time to delve into the immeasurable essence of who you really are.


At Akasha, we want to help you discover your way. Our 100-hour Spiritual Heart Meditation & Self-Inquiry Teacher Training Program offers a guided space in which to experience the supreme reality and connect to the very core of your existence.


Don’t stop now. Your Higher Self is calling you home.

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"The lessons were very genuine they came from a real heartfelt place. I was absolutely delighted to meet all the teachers during the classes, if we had any questions the support was amazing.

Luis From New Zealand

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Develop A Fully Integrated Yoga Practice

Every part of this course is designed to support the development of an authentic meditative practice. You’ll learn a variety of lineages, styles, and meditative practices, including Yoga Asanas, breath awareness, mantras and the traditional perspectives of Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Tantrism, Kashmir Shaivism, and Sufism.

Explore Spiritual Heart Meditation

The non-dual wisdom of Advaita Vedanta is the cornerstone of our heart-centering and breath-based approach to meditation. Practicing Yoga of the Spiritual Heart (Hridaya) allows us to connect to the heartbeat of life and become intimate with the eternal present moment. We’ll explore a variety of meditative practices that deepen your understanding of Self-Inquiry and translate to daily life.

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Study & Practice Relevant Mantras


A mantra acts as an anchor for focusing your awareness. It’s not only useful, it also inspires a deeper connection to yourself and the Divine. We explore a range of verbalized mantras, repeated chanting, and silent mantra meditation, using long mantras and short bija mantras as methods for diving into silence and stillness.

Lead A Heart-Opening Meditation Session

The confidence to guide and hold space for others emerges from experience and self-compassion. Throughout this course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various meditation styles, hand mudras, and dive deep into fascinating topics about brainwaves, altered states of consciousness & much more. These experiences will prepare you for guiding and holding space for others.

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"The akasha family were so welcoming and supportive, They create such a save space and they enable me to slowly go beyond my self-limiting belief" 

Sharon From Australia


During every journey, you’ll reach a point at which you need to seek deeper guidance. 


There’s a voice inside you. Call it a teacher, a guru, or a spiritual guide, it speaks YOUR truth and nudges you in the right direction.


What is that voice saying now?


This is what we’ve learned throughout our journey: Yoga isn’t something you do. It’s who you ARE, the inexhaustible force that walks your path with you. 


Yoga IS that voice, and meditation is at the heart of Yoga. 


Without meditation, Yoga is just a series of poses and theoretical concepts. We want to take you well beyond the “packaged” Yoga courses to discover a space in which time ceases, the layers fall away, and your radiant inner being emerges.


Hridaya Meditation can be quite confronting, and a loving, compassionate guide & environment is a vital support as you encounter the depths of your own nature. 


Together we’ll explore both the practical and spiritual aspects of meditation and Self-Inquiry that will support your genuine transformation and enable you to hold space for others.


With the Akasha family, you’ll discover your own true wisdom.


“To find teachers with so much depth, passion & dedication is quite unique.” 
Valerie, Curaçao – Online  Graduate 2020


Join our trusted & time-proven training to deepen your practice and get empowered as a competent & confident Yoga Teacher. Evolve in our educational programs that deliver a superb level of quality, expertise & excellence

At Akasha, we put our heart & soul into creating a nurturing & loving family atmosphere. You will be guided by passionate & dedicated senior teachers, who are Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers at the highest level (E-RYT-500). 


So we do everything to make this the best investment of your life

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