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Discover the Essence of Being


Welcome to Day 7 of our transformative meditation journey! As we conclude this enlightening week,

You'll dive headfirst into the profound world of Spiritual Heart Meditation.


With the masterful guidance of Akasha's leading teachers - Burkhard, Kirsten, and Devdas - your journey will be memorable.


  • Illuminate yourself with the manifold benefits of Spiritual Heart Meditation:

  • Attain emotional harmony, stabilizing your feelings to achieve a serene core.

  • Ground your thoughts, focusing on clarity and presence amidst life's chaos.

  • Augment your capacity to witness and observe life with a heightened awareness.

  • Plunge into the expansive vastness of the Spiritual Heart, tapping into its limitless depth and serenity.


This immersive will be an enlightening voyage into the progressive evolution of your meditation practice. Engage in insightful discussions that promise to amplify your understanding of the far-reaching influence of consistent meditation.


Our session offers:


  • A clearer understanding of how meditation can change your life and its important role in everyday living.


  • Renewed motivation to make meditation a regular part of your day, inspired by its many benefits.


  • A welcoming journey into deeper heart connections, guiding you towards spiritual growth and self-awareness.


As we progress, there'll be talks on refining and deepening your meditation practice. You'll gain insights into the transformative power of meditation, encouraging you to incorporate it more into your daily routine.


Our experienced lead teachers will share their own meditation journeys, adding a personal touch to the learning. Plus, they'll give you a sneak peek into the comprehensive 80-Hour Meditation Teacher Training.


Are you ready for this insightful journey? Secure your place in our Meditation Live event. A path of discovery, calmness, and deeper understanding awaits!

Watch the Meditation Immersion
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Burkhard is a high-vibration Yoga & meditation teacher with a deep affection for practical Yoga philosophy, applied history & anatomy. He is a truly passionate Yoga scholar, and he loves to verify his findings in his own practice.  His spirit shines where the power of the mind meets the generosity of the heart. He is inspired when the ancient practice of Yoga is reconfirmed by modern science. 

His aspiration is the integration of science & spirituality, and a unified understanding of Eastern & Western philosophies.


Kirsten's approach to meditation is profoundly practical. She is passionate about making meditation accessible using the power of the body and breath movement as it is experienced in breath-based asana practice. She loves to connect to the Sacredness of Life in the ordinary. Her background is in Spiritual Heart Meditation, which combines heart-centering, breath awareness, and Self-inquiry to connect to the stillness & bliss of life profoundly. She has practiced and taught meditation for the past 15 years in various formats and countries, from short silent sittings, which typically end her Yoga classes, to meditation classes & retreats of various lengths. Her passion belongs to the connectedness & sacredness that arises from Stillness.


Devdas began his journey in meditation naturally in his young years, just sitting and contemplating in his favorite nature spots.  Eventually, he learned some proper techniques and helped to run a series of meditation centers all over India for 12 years of his life.  Meditation should be as natural to human beings as the breath and should be taught in a way that everyone feels the profound and immediate benefit of regular practice.  Pranayama as a doorway into stillness and mantra meditation are Devdas’ special passions.  By now Devdas has shared meditation experiences and retreats in North America, South America, Europe, and all over Asia.


If you enjoyed today's practice, we encourage you to take a deep dive into the world of Meditation.

Join our 80-Hour Meditation Teacher Trainning Course. Together, we’ll dive into various meditation styles, traditions, techniques, mantras, hand mudras, and common sitting postures for all body types. We’ll also enter the world of brainwaves and altered states of consciousness.


Your transformation throughout this program will naturally enable you to live with a higher purpose and hold space for the people around you.

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Turn Your Yoga Passion Into a Fulfilling Career With our 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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Our Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour TTC is the perfect bridge to take you from yoga enthusiast to yoga professional.

Deepen your personal practice and gain the comprehensive knowledge & tools to build a rewarding yoga teaching career.

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