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Discover the Essence of Breath 


Welcome to Day 6 of our 7-Day Meditation Challenge! As you’ve been journeying with us, embracing the ebb and flow of breath and the expansive terrains of self-awareness, today we dive into the rhythm of our very existence - the symphony of sound.


Sound holds the power to:


  • Transport us to places unseen.

  • Harmonize our inner cacophonies.

  • Stir the very core of our being.


Diving deep into the sound meditation today, we'll be tapping into the very vibrations that form the foundation of the universe. This isn't just about hearing; it's about feeling, resonating, and aligning.


With today’s sonic meditation, we aim to:


  • Attune your mind to the subtle frequencies around and within you.

  • Experience the resonant harmony that connects us all.

  • Discover the melodious symphony of life itself.


Sound is not just what we hear. It’s what we feel, it’s the vibrations we emit, and it’s the rhythm of life that pulses through every cell. And in today’s exploration, we will deeply tune in to the Beej Mantras, potent syllables that hold the key to profound transformations.


Join us, as we embark on this odyssey of sound, feeling every note, every vibration, and letting them guide us to spaces within that we've never explored before. Together, let's resonate with the universe!

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Devdas is an extraordinary Yoga Teacher with a deep love for meditation, chanting & selfless service seva. He appreciates everything that brings joy to the Heart and naturalness of Being. He has been teaching Hatha Yoga asana & pranayama, meditation & Bhajans for more than 20 years.


If you enjoyed today's practice, we encourage you to take a deep dive into the world of Meditation.

Join our 80-Hour Meditation Teacher Trainning Course. Together, we’ll dive into various meditation styles, traditions, techniques, mantras, hand mudras, and common sitting postures for all body types. We’ll also enter the world of brainwaves and altered states of consciousness.


Your transformation throughout this program will naturally enable you to live with a higher purpose and hold space for the people around you.

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Turn Your Yoga Passion Into a Fulfilling Career With our 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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Our Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour TTC is the perfect bridge to take you from yoga enthusiast to yoga professional.

Deepen your personal practice and gain the comprehensive knowledge & tools to build a rewarding yoga teaching career.

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