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Practice Deeply. Transform Completely.

Discover our practices, wisdom, and inspiration curated for you. Follow the Akasha Yoga Calendar and journey towards holistic well-being.


Centering, while transformative, is often underrated. In the prevalent approach to yoga, most focus on replicating external poses. 

However, True Yoga emphasizes starting from within. It's about understanding the rhythm of one's breath and sensing internal energies before any physical expression.

This inside-out philosophy was evident when a student, during a Zoom call, shared a challenging experience.

Instead of reacting outwardly, he centered himself by focusing deeply on his breath, handling the situation gracefully.

Imagine if this practice of grounding and centering was embraced universally — from personal interactions to global forums like parliaments. 

The shift from an external to an internal perspective could revolutionize our collective experience.

The essence of Yoga, at its core, is about inner transformation. Before we strike a pose, we're asked to feel the rhythm of our breath to understand the internal dance of our energies.

 By focusing on these internal sensations, we can better express them in our outward practices.

Join us this September to Center and Allign

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Why the Akasha Yoga Calendar?


Every day brings a fresh start, and every moment holds the potential for growth. Our curated calendar ensures you never miss out on harnessing that potential. Dive into daily practices, techniques, and insights - designed to keep you aligned with Akasha Yoga Academy's philosophy and teachings.


Features of the Calendar


YouTube Yoga Practice: Step-by-step instructions and video guides.

Breathing Techniques: Pranayama practices for energy and balance.

Meditations: Guided sessions to cultivate inner peace.

Podcast Session: Daily wisdom shared by the Akasha Teacher and their spectacular Guest. 


"Embrace the Journey with Akasha Yoga"

Stay connected, consistent, and inspired. Embark on this daily journey with us and let your practice illuminate every facet of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a membership to access the calendar?

It is completely FREE. 

  • Can I access past content?

Yes, our archive lets you revisit practices from the past

  •  Do I need any special equipment or props for the YouTube practices?

Most practices on the Akasha Yoga Calendar can be done without any equipment. Occasionally, we might recommend props like yoga blocks, straps, or a cushion for certain asanas or meditations. If you don't have these, we often suggest household alternatives!

  • I'm new to yoga. Is the content suitable for beginners?

 Absolutely! Our calendar offers content that caters to various skill levels, including beginners. Whenever a practice is more advanced, we provide alternative options

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