Discover the Depth of Authentic Yoga – from Home

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“I think for me this program is the essence of what yoga should be. Akasha is Home for me.” Anu 

“Akasha is the best family. There's unconditional love, support, nurture and challenge the training has been so inspiring and I would recommend it to anyone.” Christine 


“Akasha instructors are incredible people, mentors, inspiring, nurturing and so authentic.” L auren

“I like to know every detail of what’s going on and this is exactly what Akasha Yoga does. .” Martina 


“Akasha is really a big family, you can feel the connection because teachers create such an amazing environment.” Tamu and Lauren


“Akashia doesn't just train people to become yoga instructor they train you to be a yoga master. Sugeng and Xintian 


From the bottom of my heart, I really like to encourage with anyone who is thinking about joining Akasha family to do it, it's amazing the change of my life, I'm a completely different person. They are very special and passionate. I'm so grateful. 

Nici from the US 

Akasha teachers, they're very knowledgeable, they live and breathe these teachings themselves, therefore they're not coming from a mind perspective, they're coming from a heart perspective. Those principles that you can use in your daily life.

Sandra from the New Zealand